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This page will grow as the WebGuy receives questions from web travellers who happen to stop at the Varsity Singers Website.


Depends on who you talk to.  I guess since this website is not on a HNHS server, then technically it would be an un-official Varsity Singers website.  The WebGuy has been trying to keep up with the Varsity Singers over the last few years.  He keeps getting older and the VSers are always great.  I'd like to think that I can continue to do this for Varsity Singers as a VS fan for a long time.  Whatever happens, VS is #1.


Any Varsity Singer (past or present) is encouraged to get their e-mail address to the WebGuy.  He can then add a link to their name whenever listed on a webpage. 

That way all Varsity Singers can have the ability to communicate (electronically) with each other.  Or possibly a friend from your school days will see the link and drop you a line. Who knows?  Maybe someone you haven't seen or heard from for years.


The group photos the last few years have been taken by George Killian. I thank them for allowing me to use these pictures in this way.  I'll also try to give credit to anyone else that allows the upload of their photographs for use on this site.  I apologize in advance if I forget to give credit to the photographer for any picture I use. I'm another year older and I tend to need notes now.  For the kids, pictures REALLY are worth a thousand words.


The WebGuy is always (okay, not all the time) looking for interesting show choir sites to add to the LINKS page.  Many are referred.... few are chosen.   Alright, I'll post just about anyone's high school or college site.  Just get the URL (Universal Resource Locator) address to the WebGuy and I'm sure it'll be added real quick.


The WebGuy is ALWAYS looking for current Varsity Singers pictures.  He'll accept prints, negatives, slides or even pictures attached as e-mail.  So take 'em and download 'em to your computer and then send 'em on over.  He'll Git 'R done!


Since the WebGuy's daughter graduated in 1998 and now his son has graduated, there might be a gap in the Varsity Singer information.  Especially competition results and such. So, parents of current VSers can get their info/pictures to him and he'll get it on the site.


And lastly, the WebGuy will accept any suggestions about any content, photos, etc. included on the website.   He REALLY likes positive feedback, but he can handle negative stuff too. (Not always a pretty sight though)




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